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Auteur Topic: Waveguide switch WR22  (gelezen 1660 keer)
Pierre-François MONET
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« Gepost op: Juni 15, 2018, 04:37:13 »

Hello Friends Microwavers,

For sale a very nice waveguide switch wr22, it's manual (good for portable activities) but this switch can also be motorized by yourself with a bit of ingenuity .
Have a look to the small video-clip, I motorized it with a Nano Arduino and a DRV8825 stepper motor driver to drive a NEMA17 stepper motor.
The motorization isn't part of the deal but you can find these cheap elements on Ebay like here :

If needed I'll give the code for the Arduino Nano to the person who will buy this switch.

The pictures and the video-clip of the switch are here :

This switch is built with Cupronickel material (except the button) so corrosion isn't at all an issue ( ) .
Also this switch has internally balls and springs to guaranty that it stops at the perfect position during the manipulation .

It has been designed and built by our friend Philippe F8BTP who's an exceptional mechanical engineer and worker (it's his job).
This wr22 switch was measured and characterized more than a year ago by our friend Michel F1CLQ who's one of our best Microwaver designer in France (up to hundreds of GHz), he

declared it extremely good for the service .
For those who're coming to our Microwave meeting in Seigy early April every year I'm sure you know Michel and his Millimeter transverters he brings on the contest table.   

Pricing for this switches is:
250€ for the wr22 plus shipping
The shipping to be calculated later, depending of the location
For such a quality this price is really OM and not negociable.

Payment either Paypal, fees to your charge (or transfer between friends then no fees) or bank transfer.
Please contact me at the following email address:  pfmonet A T wanadoo D O T fr

Thanks for reading this message, best 73's
Pierre-Francois, F5BQP

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