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1  Microwaves / Algemeen / GHZ PCBs from Heelweg-Meeting Gepost op: Januari 23, 2017, 06:29:21
 i've tested PCBs for free from Heelweg Meeting.
5 V on red wire. Input 2.5 GHz from sweeper.
Output was not so much -18dBm. Filter was flat.
Maybe biasing from the doubler diode can increase output power.
Greetings Ralf
2  Microwaves / EME / DiSEqC-Rotor for moonbounce Gepost op: Maart 26, 2016, 07:52:12
Hello friends,
i just finished the first version of my DiSEqC Rotor for moon tracking.
These rotors are cheap (35€) and newer versions has a gotox function.
Using polar mount without correcting the declination will only works with smaller
antennas. The declination can change +/- 1° within 12 hour period (not checked
under all circumstances). The declination is changed for every day by hand.
The first version use a pc programm for calculating the
position. An arduino board  generates the DiSEqC-protocoll for the rotor. No modification
on the rotor is needed. The DiSEqC-interface consist only of one Transistor and two resistors.
Ralf DF6VW
Pagina's: [1]
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